Why Us?

Content is King!

There are so many statistics that prove that having a blog is essential. We don’t need to explain that to you now.

You’re here, aren’t you?

But, what I do need to convince you of is that we’re the company that can help take your blog to the next level.

What a great opportunity to show off some copywriting and blogging skills in tandem to convert you!

Let me start by saying that there are a ton of blog writing services out there.

Many are affordable.

Some actually do provide quality services.

You could even hire a freelancer to work with your company.

Or, you could hire internally.

I’m not qualified to tell you which option you should choose or put anyone else down to lift ourselves up.

That’s lame and I don’t roll like that, quite frankly.

When I started this company, I took with me several years of being both an entrepreneur and freelance writer.

As an idealist and a former writer, I’ve worked with many of the content marketing agencies you will find on Google.

I’ve made a living and a reputation for being an amazing and versatile writer.

However, I soon became disillusioned by the…

Fraudulent, ineffective, and lazy content marketing techniques that the people upstairs forced on me.

I knew these techniques didn’t work because I managed my own blogs and had a grasp for the ones that did work.

I analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of all of his former clients and developed a culmination of content marketing strategies that worked.

And, that’s how I got here.

Tired of following the corporate rules of agencies with short life spans, Blog Seminary was born.

I don’t create content.

Anyone can do that.

I don’t just use keyword research tools and plug random search terms into content.

Anyone can do that.

I don’t spend hours writing long-form content that doesn’t engage the reader.

Anyone can do that.

Instead, I do use data to leverage the science of content marketing to our advantage.

I test content over and over and over and bug our clients on new ways we can help them make more money!

I don’t just provide blogs.

I’m your partner in taking your blog to the next level and earning profit from your website.

If I fall short, I’m going to keep on trying for you.

If I succeed, I won’t remain content!

Here are all of the benefits when you choose to work with me.

  • Unlimited Revisions – Customer satisfaction is important to us. Until you get satisfactory content, we’ll keep working. Not that it’ll take us long..
  • Guaranteed Focus – You’re not working with an agency that mainly creates websites or provides SEO services. We specialize mainly in blog writing services. You get our undivided attention.
  • Proven Track Record – Check out our portfolio. We mean business when we say that we deliver exceptional results.

Are you interested in doing business with us?

If so, just click the button and send your order through our contact form.

It’s literally that simple.

We’ll be in touch within 24 hours!

“Brandon and The Blog Company is the real deal! I’ve converted so many readers through my blog that I can’t even count.”

Jane Doe

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