Our Process

We built a process designed to deliver worthy results!

Our team has spent years in the lab testing content marketing strategies, and we have a firm grasp and mastery of the techniques that work wonders for our clients. Want to know how we know?


Step #1 – Competitor Analysis

Our process begins when our team performs a comprehensive competitor analysis and a website audit. This helps us determine your strengths and weaknesses and find ways we can help.

Step #3 – Keyword Research

Once your topics have been selected, we will determine suitable keyword data to incorporate in your content to boost its results.

Step #2 – Ideation

Next, our team will formulate content topics that will help you generate backlinks, higher website traffic, and increased conversions.

Step #4 – Outlining

Finally, we will create a detailed outline that shows off our research and how we plan to write the perfect blog.


Step #5 – First Draft

The first draft is our first adventure to mastering the blog topic. We will send for revisions upon completion.

Step #7 – Third Draft

The third draft entails making creative changes to help your blog marinate in front of your target audience and push them to convert.

Step #6 – Second Draft

The second draft enables us to master your company tone, add images, statistics, custom visuals, and other visual aids to enhance your blog.

Step #8 – Marketing

We will work cohesively with your internal marketing team to determine the best course of action to promote your blog.


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