4 Clever Ways to Find Guest Blogging Opportunities

Guest blogging is a serious money-making opportunity.

That’s not to say that you’ll get paid to do it…

Many publications don’t pay guest bloggers.

The reward in guest blogging is exposure.

…Which turns into website traffic.

And those people, if they’re interested, are bound to purchase from you.

This is the best-case scenario for submitting a great guest article.

But, take it from me, the only way you’ll be successful from guest blogging is by being consistent.

That’s pretty hard to do considering that most major publications openly accept pitches for guest articles.

If you’re just trying to get into guest blogging, their submission guidelines may be too difficult to abide by.

So, it’s best to start off small and get creative with publications that welcome guest blogs but aren’t advertising this openness.

In this blog, I’m going to let you in on four secrets I use to find guest blogging opportunities.

If you’re interested, dive on in below!

Table of Contents:

  1. Use an Algorithm
  2. Try News Publications
  3. Try the Blog Comments
  4. Reach Out to Non-Competitors

1. Use an Algorithm

I tried looking up the definition of an algorithm and came across a bunch of hyper-technical definitions.

This definition really made my head hurt…


That’s a lot of reading.

In this case, an algorithm is an keyword that looks like a template.

Let’s say that you want to find a complete list of blogs in the fashion industry.

I would use this algorithm to complete that search.

[industry] + blogs

By placing the word, “fashion” into the industry section, I can find all of the blogs in that industry like so:

As you can see, we use algorithms to provide a template on how to conduct an online search.

We’re going to use the algorithm ([industry] + guest post write for us) to find relevant blogs accepting guest pitches.

Here’s what happens when you insert the word, “fashion” into the industry section.

Usually, this algorithm is going to produce search results like culmination blogs containing a wide assortment of different websites.

Ex. “The Ultimate List of Fashion Blogs That Accept Guest Posts”

This makes it so much easier to find a lot of different websites and increases your chances of getting your pitch accepted and published.

2. Try News Publications

News publications are always looking for fresh new content on their websites.

If you have any relevant news to share in your industry or want to give your opinion on an important matter, there are always opportunities for you to write.

Many newspaper publications have a full-time team of reporters and editors.

This means that major news stories will already be covered.

Unless you’re on the social level of Mark Zuckerberg or Mark Cuban, you’re not going to have a lot of clout to publish any type of groundbreaking news insight.

Now, that does mean you can submit an opinion piece to your local publication.

The Commercial Appeal in Memphis regularly publishes business leaders and politicians in their opinion section.

Do you see Senator Jerry Roberts’ article on protesters in the opinion section?

If you’re an influential leader, you can do the same.

All you have to do is find an editor’s article on the publication, like so:

Once you find an editor, click their name and you’ll be directed to their profile.

And, voila!

You can locate their social media profiles and email address.

Even if they’re not an editor, kindly email them anyway and ask them could they please forward you to the editor or appropriate recipient.

Getting into the door of any news publication will take some effort, but once you’re in, you could be invited to be a regular columnist where you can promote your business and offerings.

3. Try the Blog Comments

Oftentimes, websites you want to write for don’t have any submission guidelines.

Sometimes, they don’t even have an email address.

And, if you use the contact form to reach out, your message is just going to spiral into a blackhole of different inboxes.

The best way to reach out in this instance is to try the blog comments.

Now, first, keep this in mind.

Please don’t write a one-sentence question asking if the website is accepting blog posts.

It’s likely going to get flagged as spam and ignored.

Instead, write a thoughtful comment like this:

This was a very great article! I liked how you went into broader detail about how marketing should be applied like a science instead of a set of tasks. I’m actually an experienced marketer that has achieved similar success with my business. Are you accepting any guest posts at the moment because I feel like an idea I have will engage your audience. If you are, please reply. If not, thanks for the great read!

Keep your comment brief and under 120 words if possible.

Don’t be disingenuous or too flattering.

If you like an article on their website, let them know, introduce yourself, and ask what you’re going to ask.

And then, move on.

4. Reach Out to Non-Competitors

You can always reach out to non-competitors and arrange a guest posting opportunity.

All it takes is good outreaching skills.

For example, a copywriting tool named Copywritely offers content optimization solutions for marketers.

This company is in no direct competition to me.

In fact, I would likely use this service.

Since they have no blog, I could present a partnership to them.

(Hopefully, they accept.)

You can find non-competitors in your industry by simply brainstorming a list of organizations that provide services to you.

For example, if you’re in the e-commerce niche, you can find tons of e-Commerce marketing blogs (using the algorithm above) to engage their audiences.

The more effort you put into this tip, the better the results will be.

I Want to Hear From You!

There you have it…

These are my top four clever tricks to finding guest posting opportunities.

Did you like this article or have anything to add?

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